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To shift the perception of younger generations who saw the long-standing leader in beauty as being “their mother’s brand," all while launching their most groundbreaking product yet.


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The Solution

We re-vamped the look and feel and gave its voice some relevant edge in this global 360* campaign. 


Though inspired by colloquial American internet slang, the consumer-centric ideation of my “OMGel!” line tested well internationally – proof that the web had created something of a global, social language we could leverage in 20+ countries.


With over 25 million products sold in just 6 months, Miracle Gel became the biggest product launch – and OMGel!, the most successful campaign – in Coty History. Leading us to claim WWD's coveted title of Color Cosmetics Product of the Year in 2014.

Miracle Gel Print

Consecutively run ads highlighted all seven of the brand's newest color collections with high-style images that captured the shock-factor behind the groundbreaking, first-to-market product.

CSM Print

Our Miracle Gel campaign had pushed the Sally Hansen brand further than it had ever gone before, creating a completely new look and feel that modernized the industry leader while successfully keeping its valuable equity intact. We used our refreshed look and feel to bring the same level of excitement and youthfulness to our other product rollouts.

Insta-Dri Print

Finally, we brought the new branding into our Insta-Dri line, with the catchy headline "Mani in a Minute."

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