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Playboy had lead the movement in sexuality for 65 years. But as our global culture rapidly progresses into a more positive relationship with sex, it needed to reclaim its rightful place as a leader in the revolution of pleasure. All while shedding an outdated image of female sexuality, and rolling out a new line of cannabis products.

The Solution

We created a campaign that would serve as a constant invitation into the world of Playboy, where you’re more free and empowered than ever to explore and celebrate your sexuality. 

* This is the only campaign on my site that was not produced, as covid/quarantine began just before we were set to begin production. Video to the right was our mock up based on a film by Mykki Blanco.

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Come Free TV

Inspired by the work of Barnaby Roper. A playful short film that evokes the ultimate act of human pleasure in all its glory. Highly sensorial and sexual with natural elements hinting to our new line of cannabis.

Visual World

Developed Playboy's own unique visual tone, pairing the authentic with the surreal for a look that communicates sexuality, pleasure, and total freedom - with images that are impossible to ignore.

Print Executions

A series of raw portraits that celebrate individuality while capturing moments of pleasure in each subject and subtly communicating pleasure as a human right - no matter who you are.

Copy Structure

I created a copy structure for the campaign that would allow us to speak to Playboy's wide array of product categories.