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It was once the most renowned luxury cashmere brand in the world. But in recent years, changing leadership led Malo to lose touch with this valuable equity. 

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The Solution

We provided Malo with a complete re-branding that leveraged Malo's expertise in luxury cashmere with a modern point of view – a combination not found elsewhere in the current market.

The extensive brand book I wrote covers everything from competitive analysis to brand strategy, core brand idea, manifesto, consumer analysis, brand voice, product approach, visual identity, executional guidelines, and an extensive digital campaign.


See the complete book here or keep scrolling to view a few select pages from the extensive 180 page document.

An Ownable Mood

Carefully curated imagery was paired with precise language to paint the world of luxury cashmere.

Strategic Positioning

I wrote each of the elements critical to every brand's strategy - including Malo's tone of voice guidelines, positioning statement, brand manifesto, competitive axis and beyond.

Tactical Executions

From in-store experience to site UX, culinary events and sensorial happenings...

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