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Mainstream culture was finally challenging standard definitions of beauty and body. But the most recognized name in plus size fashion had yet to find its rightful place in the conversation.

The Solution

Our solution was a socially groundbreaking, 360* campaign to take press and social media by storm – with a controversial jab at lingerie leader, Victoria's Secret, and an empowering core message that re-defined society's traditional notion of sexy.

By championing the plus size woman, not as society saw her, but as she saw herself – beautiful, sexy, unapologetic – we ignited a conversation to redefine sexy and reclaim brand leadership.


The impact of #ImNoAngel was tremendous: 15.3 billion media impressions in the first 3 months, 58% increase in unaided brand awareness and 20% increase in new customers. 19B media impressions overall. Won Bronze Clio and Bronze Effie of 2016.

Print Executions

Ads featured six of the biggest-name plus-size models being unapolagetically sexy, shot naturalistically by Cass Bird.

A Cultural Movement

AdWeek called it "sexy as hell" and Huffington Post called it 2015's hottest campaign. Ad Age named it one of the five hottest spots in 2015, siting its sustained social heat. MSNBC talked about its controversial jab at Victoria's Secret while Mashable hailed it as a celebration of female empowerment. CBS, Entertainment Tonight, ABC News, The Washington Post, Refinery 29, – the list goes on.

Even Rebel Wilson joined in on the fun, sporting Angel wings at the MTV Movie Awards.

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UGC Social

Social media was LOVING the direct dig at Victoria’s Secret, with our audience jumping on our suggested trend to post their own sexy selfies with a mirror message written in lipstick that told the world in their own words - sexy doesn’t stop at size 6.

BTS Social

15 second spots featuring vignettes of each model created inspiring social objects to further promote the campaign.

Launch Event

We launched the campaign on the streets of New York City, with a live concert by none other than Salt-N-Pepa. The iconic plus-size models featured in the campaign, as well as top Lane Bryant execs, were also on site for photos and interviews.

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