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Restore was the healthcare industry disrupter SO cutting edge, it ran the risk of feeling completely out of reach to a target at varying stages of their wellness journey. So we had make things like cryotherapy feel less complex and more approachable.


The Solution

I was brought on to kick off a full re-brand that would appeal to a nation-wide audience at varying stages of their wellness journey, showing them that our cutting-edge modalities weren’t “woo woo” or complex – but rather, a true panacea in a healthcare landscape desperate for something different.


This included the creation of an extensive brand strategy, dynamic seo-driven website, compliance language, and the development of an app that would make it more seamless than ever to take charge of one’s health.


In just four months we elevated the brand to bring in $140M in series C funding, double the system-wide revenue, a projected $82M in growth with 90 additional store openings, $1.2M of services and 80% of stores operating at 300 members each.

Brand Strategy

I wrote this brand book in three weeks to ensure all future brand communications were guided by a North Star of disruptive authenticity and a clear suite of services. Most importantly, it defined each subset of our audience. It ultimately guided all the work that followed, including our national campaign and web launch. Scroll through select pages below or click here for the full book.

The Web Launch

I created the information architecture and SEO driven web copy for this brand new website, and developed the content strategy for a new lifestyle blog: Living Hyper Well, to help drive even more traffic. February 2022 (month of launch) led to 40% increase in sessions and 108% increase in new users. In the weeks following its launch, March 2022 saw the most conversions of all time (23.2K) with web CR up 16%.


The Restore App

Mirroring the experience of our new site, we created an app from the ground up that would guide each customer through a "Choose Your Own Adventure" type format to provide each user with what felt like a customized treatment program. Highly complex on the back-end, extremely simple and easy to use on the front end. We also planned for a future state that would take it one step further, monetizing the app and providing even more context and guidance for members.

National TV

The anthemic :60s spot pictured here was completed on a very low budget. But I was able to re-write the original script, lead casting based on the new target consumer subsegments I defined in our strategy, and record VO that brought far more emotion to the campaign than the original script cut (written before I arrived) allowed for. It's a great example of how copy can transform creative outcomes.

The Cut Downs

We cut our :60s spot down into the following :30s cut, with additional :15s cutdowns that each spoke specifically to the different sub-sets of consumer and the services they sought out – defined by our brand strategy.