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Oura was a groundbreaking wellness technology with a product so powerful it could transform your sleep – and your life. But how to communicate this in a way that would stand out in the cluttered competitive landscape? 


The Solution

We helped Oura define who it was and what it stood for with a creative exploration and strategic brand strategy that helped them fine-tune their communication with critical brand elements that would resonate with their consumer.


Within two years of this foundation, Oura announced the sale of its millionth ring, disruting the market and gaining share from competitors like Motiv to become a household name.

Brand Strategy

From a complete competitive analysis to defining the brand's tone of voice, carving out its primary consumer segments, establishing its messaging hierarchy and beyond. Scroll through a few select pages below or view the complete strategy I wrote here.

Brand Design

After establishing its brand positioning, we went on to curate every detail of the wearable wellness tech's look and feel. See a few select pages below or view the full document here.

Brand Workshop

Some of the initial thoughts we had on how we could potentially bring the brand to life through a variety of different concepts can be explored below, or by viewing the full document here.

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