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The mega star was developing a new fragrance. Her only direction for the concept? "Think magic."

The Solution

We brainstormed everything from forest nymphs to Louisiana voodoo, stardust, fairy tales, alchemy, the supernatural, tarot and mermaids (see bottom of this page for more of our initial concepts).

Ultimately our winning concept was "Mad Potion," with Katy playing the whimsical role of a mad-hatter magician, and the tagline - "work your magic." It was brought to life in collaboration with London-based illustrator Quentin Jones to create a visually unique campaign that aligned both with the concept and the star's whimsical persona.

Print Executions

Media Coverage

Daily Mail speculated it had something to do with her Taylor Swift Feud, The Hollywood Reporter gushed about what makes her marketing team so stellar, StyleCaster talked with the star about the nostalgic importance. of scent, and Popsugar covered the campaign by celebrating Katy Perry as an icon in the beauty world.

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Product Expansion

Mad Potion was such a success in the world of beauty and fragrance that we went on to develop a flanker fragrance as a spinoff to the original concept. The new fragrance was called "Mad Love," with a new print campaign built from the same visual cues that let the star's playful personality shine.

Mad Love Executions

Conceptual Phase

We had so much fun brainstorming all things magical during the early conceptual phases of this project. Thought I'd show some of our ideas, names and alternate taglines as we spiraled deep down the rabbit hole.

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